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So here's the deal 
07:27am 10/06/2005
  Triste, there's a reason no one wants to have sex with me.

My ex raped me.

Then he told the everyone I gave him an STD, when it was the other way around.

I'm still coping with it, my life's only just been sorted out.

I wanted to save myself, guess that's not gonna happen now, huh?
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01:29pm 02/06/2005
mood: worried
Brice stretched and yawned. His shoulders were cramped from hours of painting but it was paying off as his scene took shape. It was a violent piece of a village burning. A large dragon circled the border of the painting and at the fore was a girl staring with haunted, dead eyes. No tears on her face, only sweat, ash and blood. The village burned behind her, centuries of tradition going with it.

He closed his eyes tight and swore he could hear flames and screaming.

"Take a reality check Brice."

The phone rang, causing his kittens to bound towards him. He moved to answer the phone before the noise started a headache.

"Hi Brice."

Brice felt ice slide through his veins. He hadn't heard that voice in months and when he had, it hadn't been good.
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01:25pm 01/06/2005
  Shitty self portrait of me.  Need more time to do a better quality version.

BriceCollapse )
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RP for Triste 
12:54pm 01/06/2005
mood: I hate grinding coffee
Brice swore under his breath, yelling that he had to take a break and get fresh air. Grinding coffee gave him a hell of a headache. He clomped outside, brushing his messy, sweaty hair away from his eyes. The cool air hit his piercings and he inhaled sharply. It was a cold night.

He slammed the door behind him, not wanting to recieve yet another lecture about letting the cold in. The kitchen could use some fresh air, it was stifling. A shadow flickered as he lit up a cigarette from his pocket, but he shrugged, putting it down to the lighter and his exhaustion. He leant against the door and yawned.

It was gonna be a long shift.
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11:59pm 30/05/2005
  Well today people I had a panic attack because I couldn't remember where I put the envelope with the rent money. Because it's due today. Then I realised after an hour of pulling my hair out and nearly crying that I paid it last week because I had extra money from overtime.

I could've kicked myself.

So I went to the library to get some books out on Japanese art because I'll be studying it soon. It looks complicated but I'm sure I'll manage.

I'll post a self portrait of myself soon. Maybe after work tonight. I don't know as it really depends on how tired I am and if my mum decides to call me.

Update later hopefully.

Today Sucks As Usual 
04:06pm 29/05/2005
mood: watch the rain fall
The libary is about the only thing that keeps me alive even though they don't like me here. They think I'm scum, but for good reason I guess. I wash my hair in the bathrooms and on weekends I spend half the day reading there. I have nothing else to do and it's safer than the streets. I guess it's a wonder I can read.

I managed to beg some food off Mr Bento today. Not even to make me smile but enough to keep me from dying *shrugs*

I got in a fight today. Got a black eye but the girl got off worse. I didn't even do anything (this time) Didn't use my sword. There's no honor in using a weapon, now matter how well, on an unarmed opponent.
eyelinerkisses info 
04:01pm 29/05/2005
  IM address and Type (AIM, MSN, Yahoo etc.) AIM on gerardisvampsex and msn at eyelinerkisses@hotmail.com
Character Name/Gender/Age: Brice Aubrey/Male/17
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Job: Art student/part-time in Starbucks
Height - 5'11"
Weight - 10 stone
Eyes - Green with gold flecks
Hair - naturally black with purple highlights, styled like Sonny Moore (see pic on LJ)
Past: Dad walked out on them when Brice was a baby. His mum divorced and remarried years later, giving birth to Brice's brother soon after. He looks up to his stepdad and is very close to his mum and younger brother.
Family: Mum - Lynette, stepdad - Nathan, half brother - Lucas. 2 cats called Spork and Juniper
Other: Several piercings (will scan finished picture and post it for a better idea), large dragon tattoo, arm full of nautical stars
Sample Entry: Hey, I'm Brice. I'm a pretty open, single guy and I'm an art student. I'm having a pretty good time of life because I can currently pay the rent. Feel free to chat! See ya!
Avaiblity of Yourself to remain active, be honest: Very active, at least 3 to 4 times per week unless coursework catches up and in that event I will post a warning.
Triste Ryan 
03:53pm 29/05/2005
mood: bouncy

IM address and Type (AIM, MSN, Yahoo etc.) AIM hopecutshort
Character Name/Gender/Age: Triste Ryan/Gender/17
Sexual Preference: Nothing really but guys if she had to choose but she attracts girls because she’s masculine for a girl
Job: None
Description: Look at the entry for clothes and such. She’s a bit of a loner but if someone tries she can be a good friend. She has a hard time trusting people. She acts like she doesn’t want company but deep down she kind of yearns for it. Afraid of a broken heart, really.

Height - 5'6"
Weight – 90 pounds (she doesn’t get a chance to eat much, never has money)
Eyes – blue with purple flecks (I’ve actually seen a guy with eyes like this and it was natural *coughs*and hott*coughs*)
Hair –black hair that goes to mid-back, very tangled and unclean looking (almost dread like) her hair’s parted on the side and on the right side there’s a big blond streak
Past: Her parents were killed on her sixth birthday by an illegal organization, she still doesn’t know the name.
Family: Parents dead, no one else
Other: Orphan, lives on the streets, gets by on what she can.
Sample Entry:
3rd person Triste leaned against a wall in the playground. She heard the giggles of the girls and the guys as they fought amongst themselves. She saw the conspiracies of the teachers and the new boy being taken away, thinking he might have fun but only going to get beat up. But she was too busy . . . or maybe to mean, too care. She made a point to scare people, to ignore them, isolate from them. She stood out in a crowd, that was for sure. The cultural black and brown hair of most Japanese was not shared with her, her hair was black but with a big blond streak on the right side. In description it doesn’t seem like much but in person it makes a big impression.

School was stupid. Of course everyone thought that but few actually lived that idea. Triste tried not to obsess over the hate but sometimes it ruled her, considering that she had to go, not that she had anywhere better to go. She was a junior, one more year, although she knew she wouldn’t be graduating, not that it fazed her. She never did homework, bad-mouthed to the teachers and basically did what she pleased. Why did she go to school then? It’s wasn’t as if she had any parents or even relatives holding her in. the only reason she went was because it was safe or at least a hell of a lot safer than the streets.

She pushed off the wall, getting sick being surrounded by so much innocence. Children moved out of her way, even kids bigger than her. Had she looked in the mirror that moment, she probably would have been afraid too. Her old trench coat rippled in the wind and  her dark purple tank top that ignored the school’s uniform rules. It was tight but flexible, easy to fight in and so were her black pants. That was the key to her wardrobe, easy to conceal weapons but easy to fight in. she didn’t want to have to fight for her life in a dress. She patted the sword that was hidden under her coat. The gift to herself for her 13th birthday.

Avaiblity of Yourself to remain active, be honest: I’m a loser, have a lot of time ><

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07:08pm 26/05/2005
  Hello. I'll get my shit up here soon. Soon things i forgot NC-17 is allowed so if gay relationships. Actually almost anything is allowed but if its rated R or up put it under a cut.  
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